Southampton Rabbit Rescue - ''because bunnies deserve better''

December 2016
St Francis Christmas Fete

Money raised £320

October 2016 
Animal Concern show 
Money raised - £180

September 2016

Our beautiful mascot Warren hasn't been feeling too well of late. Please send him ''healing vibes''. He's an old lad with only 3 legs..


Please see our Sickness and Health page. 
''The Open Day'' and 
Hospital naming ceremony.... 04/09/16. 
Please pop along. 

What a fantastic day Open day was!!
Money raised £642!! 

We started the month with sadness and the loss of beautiful little Biscuit. Biscuit was barely 5 months old.

August 2016

St Francis Fun day
Despite the weather we had a great day!!
Money raised £162!!

All set up and ready for the Hampshire Pet Fair. 
A great turn out
Money raised £302!!

We're going to be busy with organising 2 big events and our very own ''Open Day''!!!

June/July 2016

Goodbye to the old....

Hello to the new...

Bigger & Better
(Insulated, vinyl floor & 

The old Re-home shed..

The new re-home shed

The old storage shed..

The new storage shed..

The old walk way....

The new walk way..

Total cost of refurbishment - £6200!!! 

April/May 2016

The Refurbishments are about to start... pictures and updates to follow.

December 2015

We sadly have to report the loss of our beautiful Flake who left us on the 10th December. She was only 3. 

October 2015 
We would like to introduce to you all our new bonded pairs. After the loss of Merlin and Rosie we decide to look for 2 new friends. They came in the guise of Buddy & Clover. Buddy was found wandering the streets of Portchester and taken to a vets by a kind dustman. Clover has been at the centre a while and we thought a good match for Daisy. 

Molly and Buddy

Daisy & Clover

September 2015

September was a very sad month at the centre with the loss of 3 of our permanent bunnies in 4 days. 

The 1st September we lost one half of the ''slobber sisters'' Rosie, followed 2 days later by our beloved frenchie Herbie. The following day  our beautiful boy Teddy also left us for the Rainbow Bridge. 
It was the week from hell.....

August 2015
The Fund Raising page on facebook.

I sadly have to report the loss of our beloved merlin, he died peacefully in my arms on the 3rd August. 

April 2015
We've been busy this year with the re-homing. The first quarter saw us re-home over 27 bunnies, sadly though just as many came back in..

Lots going on this year (2015) with new hutches on order and a plan now in place to bring in a new and bigger Bunnyhouse/Hospital.

This is Molly & Merlin our new bonded pair. 

Hampshire Pet Fair

We had a great day and raised well over £200 for the centre. The raffle went down a storm!!

Rabbit Talk evening at Companion care Vets Southampton

Cadnam Garden Centre

Harrier Vets Open Day


out and about in 2013 

Pets At Home Southampton

May 2013

Sadly litte Fidget passed away on the 6th May 2013. We tried our hardest to help him and to ensure he didn't suffer. He was eating well, drinking, growing and even playing. He was seen daily by our vet and recevied the best care, treatment and love anybody could of offered him.

Sad to think somebody though, still choose to report this care to the RSCPA without speaking to the centre first.

April 2013

Effective from the end of April 2013 our ''Blog'' page will be removed. This is because we are receiving up to 20 'spam' blogs a day which is wasting the centre's time and resources.

This is a little bunny that we are currently hand rearing after being attacked by his mother. He/She is now 11 days old (07/04) and seems to be doing well. Sadly he has lost one of his front & back legs and his left ear. Amazingly he seems to have a zest for living so we will do all we can to help him.

Can anybody think of a name for this little chap - we've had Rocky so far!!!

March 2013

Sue is now a qualified implanter!!

Do you want your rabbits microchipped?
Sue is now qualified to implant your rabbit with a microchip.

February 2013

SRR in the Echo
(20/02/13) for Love your Pet day

We would like to say a

also to Pets at Home and Pets at Home Adoption
for the kind donation of £400 and the big pallet of supplies they so kindly donated to the centre.
 Thank you very much.

to all the staff at

The Alver Veterinary Group

For their very kind donation of £150.50.

Money raised from their Christmas CD



SRR has gone mobile -


January 2013

Sadly on the 9th january we said goodbye to our little Louie, a strange swelling in his groin left everybody perplexed. No tumour but a possible reptured uretha left him in pain and discomfort. Sadly we had to make the decision to say goodbye. He was only 5.
Sleep well little Louie your suffering is finally over.

We need a new mascot!!!

Any suggestions? Please email us.

The newly bonded pair -
Misty with her new friend Tiger Lilly.
Sadly after little Bella died Misty has been pretty miserable. After a search and a few meeting Misty decided Tiger Lilly could now be her new friend. They will now share a big 6ft hutch together. 

November 2012

Sad news as our beloved little Bella left us for the rainbow bridge on Sunday 4th November. Bella was 4 years old. She became lame on Friday and x-rays showed bone cancer.

Sleep well my little one - Misty and I will miss you.

October 2012

Front cover Mr P!!
Mr Chester Peanut looking stunning on the front cover of the latest
edition of Bunny Mad.

if you are interested in receiving this magazine please email the centre or check out -

Help us get the word out about this great magazine - a must have magazine filled with items, photos, news, stories, bunny themed items etc.

Wouldn't it be good if this magazine could be purchased at WH Smiths!!

 September 2012
A new arrival
We would like to introduce you too .......
Ruby a beautiful rufus red Belgian Hare.

May 2012

More sadness with the loss of our beloved Heidi, sadly she started to lose the use of her back legs and was obviously in some pain. So the decision was made to end her suffering. Heidi was 12 years old.  She passed peacefully away in my arms at 12.30pm on 18/05/2012

April 2012

Sadly our beloved Suzy passed away at 4.20pm on
Thursday 5th April.
More sadness with the passing of Sunnie who fell asleep in my arms at 08.50am on Friday 27th April.

February 2012

Sad news as Bubble passed away at 5.20pm on 25/02/2012.
Blossom passed away peacefully February 2012

January 2012

Sad News

Rufus passed away 21/01/2012

Little Dolly was found asleep in her hutch 25/01/2012

Sweet dreams sweethearts

Little Chester Peanut would like to wish everybody a
Happy New Year.

December 2011

Tiger Lilly tries out Herbie's new hat!!!

A little on the large size Lill!!


Sad news as our beloved Boogie passed away at 4.25pm on Saturday 10th December
She'd been poorly for a week and all our hard work with medication and treatment failed. We were left with only one choice.
Boogie was 7 and had never been ill before.
This was her onle and only visit to the vets.

Sleep well Boogie - you will be missed. xx

November 2011

Chester left

Buster right

Buster was left in a box on the reception desk of a local veterinary practice. Suffering from bloat and only about 6 weeks old. Now doing well and enjoying lots of cuddles and fuss. 

Chester is the last of a litter whose mum has EC, sadly little Chester even though 12 weeks old only weighs 230g!!!  He is being treated for EC, coccidiosis and conjunctivitis. He's getting lots of TLC and around the clock care but we are still struggling to get any weight on him.

Wow what a busy start to November with 13 buns off to new homes - fantastic start.

This means more buns can now come into the centre for re-homing.

October 2011

Thank you to
Lisa & Mark
for the donation of treats, toys, vegetables and hay. 
The buns and i would like to say a very

October 2011

The NEW leaflets have finally arrived.
Gone down a a storm this weekend (29 & 30th Oct) I'm hoping handing these out to future new rabbit owners will make them see what is truly involved in looking after these guys.
Hoping to get some out to local pets shops too!!!

and introducing......
our new hands on bunny.
A lovely chap with a great character.
He proved on Monday (24th) that he has just what it takes to impress people and to make people realise that rabbits are fascinating, intriguing and great pets.

Thanks Ely, you and Mischief did the centre proud. x

New sponsor buns coming soon.....

Mischief takes a snooze on my lap - making cleaning his hutch a little difficult!!

Just a few of the babies

September 2011

Pallet of food and supplies compliments of
Pets at Home Southampton.

Thanks guys!


We sadly say goodbye to Eve
A rare and beautiful bunny. 50% Chinchilla Gigantica & 50% Squirrel.
DOB 08/10/04 - 15/09/11

Sleep well my angel, you will be missed so very much.

August 2011

Sad news

Our beloved Angel left us for the rainbow bridge at 7.05pm on Tuesday 2nd August.

I will miss my little ''Angel'' so much, a rabbit that never complained or got angry no matter how many times we had to inject her and assist feed

sleep tight my little one your suffering is now over.

Angel at her best - as I will always remember her.
Angel would of been 7 on the 13th August this year.

July 2011

The new boarding hutch has arrived.

Please see the Boarding Service page for more info.

Eve enjoying the sun - well ''flopping'' rather than exercising!!!

Angel decided today (12/07/11) that she fancied a wander around the bunnyhouse.
She looks thin and tired but still fighting.

Bella & Misty seemed to find playing in the bin more fun than the garden!!!!

Misty looking very unimpressed !!
Honestly why do i have to play in the garden when the bin is so much better!!!

Daisy & Rosie enjoying the sun - 12/07/11

Proud Rufus - doing his best to look stunning for the camera
(he finds this position difficult due to his back end weakness)


New Sponsor bunny


We would like to introduce you to Buttons.....

Buttons is approx 3 years old.
Buttons had her first dental on 09/07/11 after she stopped eating. Nasty spurs were discovered on her back teeth causing an ulcer on her tongue.

We've had a few sick buns at the centre these past few days. Angel is currently on a course of antibiotics for abscesses in both ears. Not sure if the treatment is working, last dose tonight (07/07) and then back to vet to see what they suggest.

Angel update (11/07/11) - the vet thinks the abscesses are smaller so we are going to continue the depocilian for a further week in the hope that they improve further.

Clover & Whiskey seem to of gone down with bloat, Whiskey is now on the mend but poor little Clover is still not good. Now Buttercup is also showing symptoms. So all 3 on treatment.

Whisky & Clover are both thankfully OK now. (11/07/11)

Sadly little Buttercup passed away Sunday (10/07/11) evening.

Buttercup is on the right of this picture.

sleep tight my darling i will miss you.


May 2011

Companion Care Veterinary Surgery Open Day
Companion Care, Southampton open day on 30 May 2011.
Mischief and his new side kick Ely were both on hand to instruct people on the correct way of being handled and to assist with discussions on - diet, behaviour, grooming, bonding and other issues.

The boys enjoying the attention from just some of the visitors at Companion care Open day May 2011.

Bubble (sponsor bun)

Poor ole Bubble, a quiet girl that just wants to be left alone. She stopped eating Tuesday, on examining her mouth i could feel a hard lump on the lower left jaw - a vet visit confirmed that Bubble needs a dental. She has a molar growing into the side of her cheek leaving a large hole which is now infected. So Bubble is booked in for a dental 20/05/11. We've had her on pain relief and antibiotics today ready for tomorrow. Bubble will be 6 in July.

Sad news...

sadly passed away in my arms at 4.10pm 14/05/11. Only approx 18 months old, showed signs of EC last week, sadly treatment failed and it was decided to end her suffering.

Sleep well sweetheart.

Sally (the dumped grey bunny)

The little grey bunny dumped on our doorstep is now on antibiotics, pain relief and intrasite gel to try and help with the infection and pain. The hole is still as large as it was but much cleaner. We've been ''assist feeding'' now since Tuesday morning. No change still not eating but is taking fluids from bowl. The plan is to get her eating properly and then put her under anaesthesia to try and de-bride the wound/infection  and suture up the hole if possible, sadly the surrounding tissue is very thin.

Will keep the site uodated with news - please also check out our facebook page.
came home from work yesterday (08/05) to find 2 rabbits had been dumped on our doorstep in a cardboard box - no air, water or food. The box had nearly  been eaten through by the girls, the doorstep is south facing so in full sun ALL DAY. The cat from next door had been attacking the box to get at the buns and then if things weren't bad enough on examining the girls one has a massive hole in her  abdomen enabling you to see her muscles and organs and a seriously infected bite with injury to her vagina. She's covered in scabs obviously from injuries never treated. 
This picture was taken after i cleaned the little girl up so doesn't look bad here but believe me it is!!

Special edition mug - only 3 available

Chester mug - 3 different pictures. Wrap -a-round mug
£8.50 (inlcudes P&P)
Please email with any enquiries.
All proceeds to the rescue
Rufus is off to the vet this Friday (6th May) just to be health checked as he seems to be struggling with his back end. He doesn't seem to have any strength in his back legs and falls to one side. We've already started him on a course of Panacur & Metacam.
Will update as soon as we know anything.
Rufus needs spinal x-rays.
The vet feels he has a weakness on his left side making him fall to the left. Could be a slipped disc, an injury or congenital.
We are contacting some Belgian Hare experts to get their advice prior to x-rays which are booked for the 16/05/11.
sadly Biggles passed away in my arms at 9.05am on the 2nd May 2011.
Sleep well my little one.
You will be missed.
We ask everybody to send healing vibes to our little Biggles who tonight is fighting for her life. Sadly she stopped eating Wednesday and we've been assist feeding and medicating snce then. sadly things seem to be getting worse. She is now ver y flat and very cold.
please keep all ears crossed for our littel Biggles.
April 2011
and in the news today.....
SRR in the Local Evening Echo
With National Pet Month (April) we were asked to get involved and promote responsible pet ownership. (09/04/11)
Our advert goes out in the Southampton Echo (08/04/11/) asking for help with the repair and building work.
Lucy's Drawings......
here's ........Chester
Thank you so very much xxx
Lucy's great picture of Rufus.
Hoping now that Lucy can draw my beloved Chester. 
Lucy's lovely picture of Eve.
Eve would like to say a big thank you Lucy.
March 2011
Biggles is a 'she' so we need to  think up a new name, even though she answers to Biggles!! it seems unfair.
Suggestions please......
A BIG thank you again to Pets At Home
''Support Adoption for pets'' Charity
who has awarded the centre
Thank you all so very much.
February 2011
Finally after 6 weeks of waiting our new dedicated number
02381 781130 or 07743 876191
Please, if you try and contact the centre on either number and get no answer, don't just keep ringing -just leave us a message instead!!.
The centre gets so many calls each day and we can only repsond to those who have left a message!!!
Thank you!
Meet Biggles our latest orphan we are currently hand rearing. A lovely little chocolate mini lop, about 30 days old and very naughty!!
Now 42 days old and getting bigger. Still loves his milk. 
''Mr Biggles''
December 2010
Christmas at SRR.
A great time was had by all the bunnies as they enjoyed their Christmas hampers, cards, presents and donations.
Just some of the goodies received by the buns from well wishers this christmas.
Donations received £220.00
We would like to thank -
Marie, James, Caroline, Hattie, Sue, Helen, Lisa, Rob and everybody who made this Christmas Special.
Daisy has now had her dental, initially we were very worried how well she would recover because the dental was'nt easy. But she now seems to be much brigher and eating well.
The centre would like to thank
Amanda, Marie & James
paying for her dental and post operative treatment.
Introducing the new
SRR Mascot
Rufus is a beautiful Red Belgian Hare who was born 7th June 2010.
2 days after coming to the centre he came down with bloat & ceacal impaction, for 5 days we tried everything to get him through this. Eventually our perseverance paid off and evetually by day 6 Rufus started to improve. Gradually his appetite came back and now he's making up for lost time!! We have decided that he will be a great mascot for the centre showing us just how determined he was to live. He's a lovely lad that loves fuss, attetnion and space to run and play. We are looking forward to introducing him to our visitors.
August 2010
Raising Funds to pay for a big dental
Daisy a beautiful 4 month old Dwarf lop sadly needs dental work. Her 4 incisors all have to be removed along with her peg teeth. The centre has been advised this will be in the region on £100 - £150.
Please help us raise the funds desperately needed so we can help this dear littel girl.
 Sadly our beloved Coco passed away in my arms at 10.50am
17 August 2010. 
 Please send Coco healing vibes
August 2010
Coco taking her medicine, 15/08/2010. Sadly Coco is very ill with bloat & Ceacal impaction.
We've been assist feeding since Thursday but feel we are losing her.
Please send Coco healing vibes.
Gifts & Donations
August 2010
The centre would like to thank Karen for her lovely package. (Pics to follow)
Thank you so very much Karen.
July 2010
SRR & Mischief would like to thank his sponsor Caroline for all the goodies, most of them have already been eaten.
Thank you Caroline
April - May 2010
Southampton Rabbit Rescue
will be offering
Health Checks
advice on Sexing
behaviour & handling techniques
nail clips
during this week.
Please email us for more info.
Any rabbit re-homed this week will also come with a
**RWA goody bag as well as as the SRR goody bag.
** in conjunction with Burgess Pet Foods.
April 2010
Flystrike season is approaching
Please see the Sickness, Diseases & Conditions page for further info.
February 2010
Unfortunately the news is not good for our bunnyhouse with not only the roof needing urgent repairs the floor has also given way.
The £1000.00 given by Pets at Home will really come in handy now as we decided whether to replace the complete building at a cost of £1300.00 of spend nearly as much on repairs!!
With the loss of our beloved Chester we now have to make the decision of who repalces him as mascot
Mischief's name has been mentioned as has Louie's.
Anybody with suggestions please email me.
January 2010
A further cheque from
Pets at Home
''Support Adoption for Pets''
charity a staggering
to help us through Christmas.
Just some of the lovely items received at SRR Christmas 2009.
With special thanks to all the people who donated
It was a good Christmas at SRR 2009, in total we received donations totaling £800.00.
This was fantastic news and we are so very greatful to everybody who sent us money, bunny hampers, treats, toys and goodies!!
The calendars raised £80.00
Pictures to follow of the buns enjoying thier new treats.
We would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU to everybody
Dec 09
Merry Christmas from all at
Southampton Rabbit Rescue
The buns start early....... Hoping they get all the things they've dreamed of this christmas......
Nov 2009
Sue & Mischief pose for the camera
The news we've been waiting for.........
Pets at Home
''Support Adoption for Pets charity''
has awarded
Southampton Rabbit Rescue
to help towards the cost of repairing the roof and floor of our main building.
The building the money will help repair, a wooden structure which has been standing for 6 years and is in desperate need for repair, maintenance and some TLC houses 24 sick rabbits that live here at the centre permanently.
Sadly over the weekend just gone (13/11/09) 4 windows gave way in the high winds, it looks as though the remaining windows won't be long behind. They are completely rotten and like the best part of the building needs repair or replacing.
Oct 2009
Chester & Munchkin
celebrate their
6th birthday.
Chester showing off with his
 new bed and
Chester would like to thank his sponsor Marie for all his lovely toys, treats and new bed. He would also like to thank the staff at Pets at Home, Southampton for helping him choose his treats. 
Munchkin checks out his pressies too!!
Munchkin would like to thank his sponsors Beryl & Sandra for all his lovely presents and treats, especially his boxes of carrot cruncher treats!!!
Chester and his new sidekick Mischief both appeared at
Companion Care, Southampton
on 24th October 2009.
They both spent time showing people the correct way of handling rabbits. Discussions on diet, behaviour, grooming, bonding and  other issues were also discussed.  
 Rabbit handling at Companion Care.
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