Southampton Rabbit Rescue - ''because bunnies deserve better''
Rabbits looking for new homes
Rabbits Arriving (Adults)
Sadly due to the increase in people asking us to take in rabbits that turn out to have underlying health issues we will now be health checking each rabbit that comes in to the centre.

If a doe is known to be pregnant please inform us prior to admitting to the centre as additional donation/feed may be asked for.

"We would appreciate honesty towards any previous or known medical conditions to enable the quickest possible treatment from the outset"

All rabbits that have not been vaccinated or neutered, a minimum donation of £10.00 will be asked for.

Rabbits Arriving (Babies)

If you are asking us to take babies - then a large supply of food instead of money will be accepted as we understand that if you have 5 or 6 plus babies the cost will be high.


Please remember we are a centre with no public funding, we aren't fortunate enough to receive the kind of donations the  RSPCA, PDSA and other charities receive.

Rabbits leaving for new homes
All rabbits leaving the centre would have been health **checked,wormed, mite treated and nail clipped.

**this includes - ears, eyes, nose for discharge, the fur on inner side of front paws for matted fur (indicating nasal discharge), teeth will be checked for maloclusion.(Dental disease) Coat/Fur will be checked thoroughly for fur loss indicating mites or skin issue. 

We will not knowingly re-home a sick rabbit.

All rabbits that leave the centre will come with a ''goody bag''
containing -

4 weeks Free Petplan insurance
1 weeks supply of food
 Vaccination Card (if applicable)
  Card with all your rabbits details
Supreme Selective goody bag (Subject to stock)
RWAF booklet
Viewing strictly by appointment only.

Watch this space...
Awesome 4 some
Awesome 4 some
A family of 4 beautiful Lionheads. Mum, Dad and 2 siblings - These MUST ALL GO TOGETHER. Oldest 3 1/2 years old.
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