Southampton Rabbit Rescue - ''because bunnies deserve better''
The Centre

The Bunnyhouse just finished- July 2003
 This building houses all the sick buns and orphans.

The hutches just arrived - alreay full up - Aug 2003

The hutches and bunnyhouse has been up for 7 years.

 The Bunnyhouse 2010, looking well worn out and in need of replacing.

The main ''re-home'' hutches 2010.

Re-home hutches from the side. 2010

Yet more re-home hutches....2010

and yes...more re-home hutches - 2010

the winter at SRR. 

This project to replace the Bunnyhouse is currently on hold as we try to replace the re-home hutches that now leak putting 4 out of action. As the bad weather takes hold more hutches will start to leak. The re-home hutches are at least 8 years old and have been in constant use since they arrived.

The centre is desperately trying to raise funds in order to replace the Bunnyhouse with a new much bigger building.

In order to do this we have we need to raise nearly £5000.

Sadly the Bunnyhouse has reached the end of its life, with windows giving way, the roof rotten (even though we re-felted it last march) and the floor collapsing. It does'nt have much time left.

We are unable to take on any more sick buns until a replacement can be bought.

With a new bigger building this will allow us to house at least 4 more sick buns.

The Bunnyhouse is currently home to 24 sick buns (see the sponsorship page). Houses all the orphans too!!.

Can you help us? Any amount offered will be appreciated. Can you think of ways to raise funds for the centre? If so please get in contact.

The Bunnyhouse now -

The mould clearly visible at the back (Left) of the Bunnyhouse roof.

The mould on the rightside of the roof
The dampness near the supporting beam,

Mould by the entrance again on the left of the bunnyhouse.

One of the windows with the glass being held in place by a piece of wood.

The roof,you can clearly see it now bows in the middle.

We would like to thank everybody who has offered advice, support and ideas. Will keep everybody posted on how things go.

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